Please write to:

National Pastor
Rev. Josephine Egan
Abba Ministries of Canada
2 Auburn Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3R 1K4

Roger Craig Whitson (March 2015)
Clifford Blake (December 2016)

Abba Ministries of Canada - a National Christian Denomination in Canada


Anderson, John G.
Bell, Moira
Bramer, Debbie
Brennan, Ceska
Cats, John
Covert-Slater, Pamela
Cox, Betty-Ann
Coyle, Nancy
Dow, Linda
Dwyer, Maureen
Elgie, Brent
Hagan, Mary
Harris, Sherry
Heezen, Rudy
Heron-Coverley, Olive
Horne, Debra
Howes, Connie
Jones, Stephen
Kennedy, Patricia
Knight, Donna
Knight, Wayne
Lalande, Reg
Lambie, Dorothy
Landry, Germain

Mayer, Robert
McLennon, Suzette
Mullen, Bonnie
O'Dwyer, Gary
Paling, Judith
Pearce, Sharon
Peters, Barbara
Ponsford-Hill, Laurie
Robinson, Neil
Robinson, Rick A.
Rollox, Patricia
Rollox, Richard
Rymarchuk, Derek
Schmidt, Terry
Siblock, Alan
Stahl, Inge
Strain, Elizabeth
Thompson, Amy
Weller, Terry
Wilson, Ken B.
Winstanley, Michael
Zurba, Gail
Zurba, Paul

Crawford, Blair
Crawford, Brenda
Crawford, Josh
Egan, Josephine
Egan, Malachy
Wile, Valetta

Albeluhn, Elmer
Carey, Leslie
Kovacs, Darian
Manna, Maria
Van Zyderveld, Hank

Farney, Sandra
Raible, Scott

Ordination in Canada for men and women who are called by the Holy Spirit to ministry

For security purposes, all Clergy are issued with photo identification cards.

Rev. Malachy Egan

Photograph on ID card MUST match photograph on this webpage.

Ordained Minister

Each photo identification card is valid only if the bearer is listed as a current clergy member of Abba Ministries of Canada on this webpage, and his/her photograph on the ID card must match the photograph on this page.


Please write to: National Pastor and Bishop
Right Reverend Josephine Egan
Abba Ministries of Canada
2 Auburn Avenue, Halifax
Nova Scotia B3R 1K4, Canada
Telephone: 902. 477. 1375

Rt. Revd. Josephine Egan

Canadian charitynon-profit organizationBaptism
Rev. Josephine Egan

Josephine Egan,

Rev. Malachy Egan

Reverend Malachy
Egan, MM

Rt. Revd. Josephine Egan
National Pastor
& Regional Governor for Ontario
and Western Canada

Rt. Revd. Malachy Egan
Chairman of the Board
& Regional Governor for Quebec, The Maritimes and Newfoundland
Le Gouverneur Regional pour Quebec, les Maritimes et Newfoundland

Church of Saint Mary Magdalene

c/o Reverend Josephine Egan and Reverend Malachy Egan
2 Auburn Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3R 1K4
Rectory: 902. 477. 1375
Cell: 902. 225. 5768
Email: Saint Mary Magdalene

Ministry Snapshot

Pastor Blair CrawfordPastor Brenda Crawford

Pastor Blair Crawford and Pastor Brenda Crawford

Blair Crawford Ministries and
Brenda Crawford Ministries
2427 Prospect Road
Hatchet Lake, Nova Scotia B3T 1V3
Tel: 902. 852. 2106

Ministry Snapshot

Pastor Josh Crawford

Pastor Josh Crawford

Josh Crawford Ministries
38 Mansion Avenue, Halifax
Nova Scotia B3R 1C8
Cel: 902. 809. 4871 Tel: 902. 444. 2933

Reverend Valetta Wile

Reverend Valetta Wile

Burgess Mountain Road
Cambridge, NS B0P 1V0

Ministry Snapshot


gospel preachingPastoral ServicesFuneral
Pastor Elmer Albeluhn

Pastor Elmer Albeluhn

Abba Love Fire Ministries
Port Hardy, British Columbia

Ministry Snapshot

Pastor Leslie Carey

Pastor Leslie (Les) Carey

Aljah's Ministries, BC Lower Mainland
Burnaby, British Columbia
Cellular: 604. 723. 6597

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Darian Kovacs

Reverend Darian Kovacs

Abba Vancouver Christian Ministries
Vancouver and BC Lower Mainland, British Columbia
Fort Langley
British Columbia V1M 2R6
Tel: 1.888.407.4187

Ministry Snapshot

Maria Manna

Reverend Maria Manna

Manna Ministries
Victoria, British Columbia
Cell Phone: 250. 514. 9927
Email: Rev. Maria Manna

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Hank Vanzyderveld

Reverend Hank Van Zyderveld

Pre-Eternal Ministries, Abba Canada
33936 Elm Street, Abbotsford
British Columbia V2S 2P9
Tel: 604. 859. 5068

Ministry Snapshot


baptismChristian cousellingSmall Group


Rev. Sandra Farney

Reverend Sandra Farney

1007 - 7 Avenue South
Alberta T1J 1K3

Pastor Scott Raible

Pastor Scott Raible

Consuming Fires Ministries of Medicine Hat
902 Hargrave Way NW
Medicine Hat
Alberta T1A 6Z1
Cel: 403.928.6268
Email: Pastor Scott Raible

Ministry Snapshot


MinisterHoly CommunionBible Study
Rev. John Anderson

Reverend John G. Anderson

Chatham Christian Ministry
41 London Court
Chatham, Ontario N7L 4G6
Tel: 519. 352. 3359

Ministry Snapshot

Chaplain Moira Bell

Chaplain Moira Bell

Bereavement Support, Counselling,
and Marriage Ministry
London, Ontario
Tel: 519. 204. 2125

Ministry Snapshot

Reverend Debbie Bramer

Reverend Debbie Bramer

Soar in the Light Ministries
Rosepark Crescent
Winona, Ontario L8E 5J9
Website is:
Tel: 905. 317. 5025

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Ceska Brennan

Reverend Ceska Brennan

Milestone Celebrant Services - Franceska Brennan Ministries
Guelph, Ontario N1H 7S3
Tel: 519. 821. 7056

Rev. John Cats

Pastor John Cats

Wigle Avenue
Kingsville, Ontario N9Y 2J8
Telephone: 519. 733. 6832

Rev. Pamela Covert-Slater

Reverend Pamela Covert-Slater

Abba Peace Ministries
Bradford, Ontario
Tel: 905. 775. 4375
Email: Rev. Pamela Covert-Slater

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Betty-Ann Cox

Reverend Betty-Ann Cox

Abba London Christian Ministries
London, Ontario

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Nancy Coyle

Reverend Nancy Coyle

Lake Street, Coburg, Ontario
Tel: 905-396-7440
Deacon - Christ The Servant Catholic Church
Coburg, Ontario
Email: Nancy Coyle
Church Website:

Reverend Linda Dow

Reverend Linda Dow

Abba Grand Bend Christian Ministries
8283 Burwell Road, RR2 Box 26
Grand Bend, Ontario N0M 1T0
Tel: 519. 243. 3030

Ministry Snapshot

Chaplain Maureen Dwyer

Chaplain Maureen Dwyer

Pond Side Ministries
Specializing in Bereavement/Pastoral/Palliative Care
900 Pond View Road
London, Ontario N5Z 4L7
Tel: 519. 680. 1245
Email: Pond Side Ministries

Ministry Snapshot

Pastor Brent Elgie

Pastor Brent Elgie

Full Throttle Ministries
Park Avenue West
Chatham, Ontario N7M 1X1
Telephone: 519. 351. 5999
Ministering to the motorcycling community.
Ministering to those who know the freedom that comes with riding the highways on motorcycles

Ministry Snapshot

Mary Hagan

Chaplain Mary Hagan

Wisps of Willow Ministry
Riverview Avenue
London, Ontario N6J 1A3

Pastor Sherry Harris

Pastor Sherry Harris

Voice For Love, Interfaith Ministry, Ottawa
141 Evelyn Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: 613. 236. 8852

Rev. Rudy Heezen

Reverend Rudy Heezen

713 Athol Street
Whitby, Ontario L1N 0G4
Tel: 905. 668. 8994

Ministry Snapshot

Olive Heron-Coverley

Reverend Olive Heron-Coverley

Abba Avinu Ministries
Windhill Road
Markham, Ontario L3S 1P1

Rev. Debra Horne

Reverend Debra Horne

Abba Northern Outreach Christian Ministries
195 Queen Street, Mattice
Ontario P0L 1T0
Tel: 705.364.2142
Email: Rev. Debra Horne

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Connie Howes

Reverend Connie Howes

Outreach and Young Parents Ministry
Church of the Northern Light
Kingston/Inverary, Ontario
Tel: 613. 453. 1848
Email: Church of the Northern Light

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Stephen Jones

Reverend Stephen Jones

Eagle's Cross Recovery Ministries
Guelph, Ontario
Cel: 519. 242. 3894

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Patricia Kennedy

Reverend Patricia Kennedy

Angels of Light Ministries
Kitchener, Ontario

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Donna Knight
Rev. Wayne Knight

Reverend Donna Knight and
Pastor Wayne R. Knight

Water of Life Ministries

875 Attersley Drive
Oshawa, Ontario L1K 1V1
Telephone: 289. 240. 2387

Ministry Snapshot

Chaplain Rev. Reg Lalande

Chaplain Rev. Reg Lalande

100 - 210 Cedar Street
Sudbury, Ontario
Tel: 705. 585. 2443

Rev. Dorothy Lambie

Reverend Dorothy Lambie

Holy Spirit Power Ministry

Olivewood Drive
Markham, Ontario

Published Book: "Holy Spirit Power Ministry" ISBN 978-1622309443

Rev. Germain Landry

Reverend Germain Landry

Massey Road, Grafton, Ontario
Assistant Pastor - Christ The Servant Catholic Church
Coburg, Ontario
Telephone: Tel: 905-269-7791
Email: Rev. Germain Landry
Church Website:

Rev. Robert Mayer

Reverend Robert Mayer

Stepping Stones Ministry
12248 Eighth Line Georgetown, Ontario L7G 4S4
Tel: 905. 877. 9986 E-mail: Robert Mayer

Pastor Art McCord

Pastor Arthur McCord Ed.S., A.C.C.P.

Abba West Nipissing Christian Ministry
Hughes Road
North Bay, Ontario T1A 3Z3
Tel: 705. 478. 0873

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Bonnie Mullen

Reverend Bonnie Mullen

Milestone Celebrant Services
Guelph, Ontario
Tel: 519. 837. 9274

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Gary O'Dwyer

Reverend Gary O'Dwyer

Pastor of Christ The Servant Catholic Church
445 Westwood Drive
Cobourg, Ontario K9A 4M5
Tel: 905. 372. 7408
Email: Rev. Gary O'Dwyer
Church Website:

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Judy Paling

Reverend Judy Paling

Eagle's Wings Christian Ministry
Dresden, Ontario N0P 1M0
Tel: 519. 350. 0033
Email: Rev. Judy Paling

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Neil Robinson

Reverend Neil Robinson

Alternative Faiths Ministry
441 Achray Road
Pembroke, Ontario
Tel: 613. 732. 8416

Rev. Barbara Peters

Reverend Barbara Peters

At The Schoolhouse Christian Ministries
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: 613. 838. 1267

Rev. Sharon Pearce

Reverend Sharon Pearce

Sharon Pearce Ministries
Chaplain & Life Transition Coach
c/o Upper Wentworth Street, Hamilton, Ontario
Tel: 905. 575. 4735 ext: 845

Rev. Laurie Ponsford-Hill

Reverend Laurie Ponsford-Hill

The Counselling House
506 Princess Street, Woodstock, Ontario N4S 7V6
Tel: 519. 421. 2845

Rev. Rick A. Robinson

Reverend Rick A. Robinson

Heaven's Word Ministry
1583 Sixth Street
Courtright, Ontario N0N 1H0
Tel: 226. 932. 1213
Email: Rev. Rick A. Robinson

Rev. Patricia RolloxRev. Richard Rollox

Reverend Patricia Rollox and Reverend Richard Rollox

Abba Royal Rouge Christian Ministries
107 Royal Rouge Trail
Scarborough, Ontario M1B 4V8
Tel: 416. 284. 7379

Rev. Derek Rymarchuk

Reverend Derek Rymarchuk

Abba Niagara Christian Ministry
6053 Franklin Ave
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 4Z1
Tel: 905. 371. 2406
Email: Abba Niagara Christian Ministry

Ministry Snapshot

Pastor Terry Schmidt

Pastor Terry Schmidt

Nithridge Christian Ministries
180-B Nith River Way
Ayr, Ontario N0B 1E0
Tel: 519. 632. 1234

Chaplain Al Siblock

Chaplain Al Siblock

Windswept Ministries
365 Whitby Shores Greenway
Whitby, Ontario L1N 9R8
Tel: 905. 666. 8766

Reverend Inge Stahl

Reverend Inge Stahl

Grace Ministries
Pastoral Care and Missions
London, Ontario

Pastor Beth Strain

Pastor Beth Strain

Abba St. Clements Christian Ministries
St. Clements, Ontario

Amy Thompson

Reverend Amy Thompson

Planned Agape Love Christian Ministry
Beeton, Ontario

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Terry Weller

Reverend Terry Weller I.C.A.D.C.,
A.D.S., M.S.C.

Interfaith Unity Ministries
Aurora, Ontario
Tel: 905. 727. 7011

Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Ken B. Wilson, MA (Theology)

Reverend Ken B. Wilson, MDiv

Sovereign Lord Christian Ministries
2215 Courtice Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7G5
Tel: 613. 850. 7711
Ministry Snapshot

Rev. Michael Winstanley

Reverend Michael Winstanley

Steel Wheels Ministries Lake Shore Boulevard West
Etobicoke, Ontario M8V 1C7

Rev. Gail ZurbaRev. Paul Zurba

Reverend Gail Zurba and
Reverend Paul Zurba

Abba Faith Ministries

62 Varcoe Road
Courtice, Ontario L1E 1S5
Telephone: 905. 436. 1707

Ministry Snapshot


Reverend Clifford Blake

Reverend Clifford Blake, PhD

Abba Waterloo Christian Ministries
Waterloo, Ontario

Rev. Roger Whitson

Reverend Roger Whitson, CET

Abba Ruthven Christian Ministry
Ruthven, Ontario


churchbaby dedicationAbba Clergy


Rev. Josephine Egan, MBA, BBA, Dip CED
Webservant & Virtual Vicar

The Abba Ministries of Canada clergy list will be updated when new pastors are ordained and accredited, or new churches are affiliated. Please be warned that if you are approached by someone claiming to be credentialed by Abba Ministeries of Canada, then their photograph and a snapshot of their ministry MUST appear on this page. If you have any concerns about the identity of any person claiming to be Abba Ministries of Canada clergy please contact or contact our National Office by calling [902] 477. 1375.

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