Pastor Wayne R. KnightRev. Donna M. Knight


Water of Life Ministries
875 Attersley Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
Tel: 289. 240. 2387



Donna and her husband Wayne have been in ministry for several years doing a number of things for the Lord with a heart for the lost and the down and out. Reverend Donna is a Chaplain/Pastorial Care Coordinator in an Oshawa LTC Home. She has had many rewarding experiences with residents and staff, being able to share Christ and instill Christ emphasized programs and encourage moral thinking. She heads up a Palliative Care Program, and has had the opportunity to pray, sing and read scripture with those preparing to meet the Lord. Salvation of these souls is her primary ministry goal. A soft touch, a gentle hand and the voice that says "I care", has helped her open many doors that were tightly closed. Donna participates in helping those who are in need of food and clothes through her church's Food and Clothing Bank program. She has seen many ladies come and fill bags of food and much needed clothing for their children and leave with a glimmer of hope in their eyes having not only heard the word of God but seeing His love put to action. She has the opportunity to pray and share Christ not only in word but in deed as well. With many single moms, society can be harsh but Wayne & Donna both have been given the opportunity to reach out to them and their children. Donna's belief is, with such a great salvation how then can she not take every opportunity to share with others, her wonderful Heavenly Father.

Pastor Wayne's inspiration is Isaiah 6 where it says, SEND ME LORD SEND ME." Wayne's reply to the Lord is: "I will go and I will go: depending on you for leadership and the words and the scriptures from which to preach. And of course the Holy Spirit who is with me every step, every heartbeat of the way." Wayne always liked to witness and tell people about Jesus. Wayne could witness to anyone; Wayne had been there, he had so many experiences in life. Wayne was able to give his testimony and see people saved and changed forever. Wayne received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and literally was changed forever again. It was so true, Wayne ministered in power and authority just like it is said in the Bible. Wayne did not brag about this baptism, he just used it the way it is supposed to be used, to win people to Jesus Christ, to lay hands on the sick and see them healed through the mighty name of Jesus. There is nothing in this world that Christ cannot be the victor over. Wayne's answer to every problem every concern was Jesus. At work, people sought out Wayne with their problems. Some lives were changed forever. Some just could not pay the price of serving Jesus and when they walk away weeping, Wayne would weep for them for not making the decision for Christ. Upon retirement, God made Wayne's boundaries a whole lot larger. Wayne and Donna leapt at the opportunity to preach the gospel in the far North. They gave people nothing more than the gospel and nothing less. There is power and authority in the Word of God. Then God opened more doors to go to Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec. Wayne and some great men of God preached and sang, and saw people saved, delivered and healed. People could not get enough of the Christ ther were preaching about. Wayne observes enthusiatically, "People love to have church, they search for the true God for 2000 years and when they find him, they will not let go"."