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THE DEMISE OF THE ANGLICAN CHURCH - Posted May 2013 Hoist by the pettard of their own statistics the once mighty Anglican Church of Canada faces certain oblivion within the short space of twenty-two years. Without the megachurches will Christianity survive? Take a look at Abba Ministries of Canada a vibrant young church that is offering Jesus' program for a new millenium....

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Retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu was not getting sufficient publicity out of Nelson Mandela's death; so he decided - like any princely Anglican egotist - to pout and drum his heels on the floor while rolling around South Africa in a tantrum like the well-fed princely butterball that he is.

Last week, he was not going to attend Mandela's funeral because the South African government, with whom he has been at loggerheads over a failed publicity stunt with the Dalai Lama, did not kiss his ring and he was not asked to officiate, at least according to his daughter... Now he is gate crashing the event with no reason given.

In the past Tutu has figured prominently at the funerals of most of the major anti-apartheid leaders, including Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Walter Sisulu and others.

It occurs to me that the real reason may be that Tutu's relationship with Nelson Mandela may not have been as amicable as he [Tutu] would like to portray it. Certainly, his past with Winnie Mandela, who is a cruel and violent person, is punctuated with confrontation.

Tutu, who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize like so many retired and now respectable terrorists is, like so many Anglican bishops, not quite the man that his public face portrays.

Please read TUTU - NOBEL HYPOCRITE written back in 2007. Nothing changes in the Anglican world - things just get worse.

In Christ


December 2013

The author acknowledges the international press.

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WHY CAN'T ANGLICAN BISHOPS CHANGE THE DESTINY OF A FAILING CHURCH? Bishop Josephine Egan of Abba Ministries of Canada delights in telling jokes. I tend to point out that their funniest aspect is frequently her uncontrollable mirth or muddled punch lines, but to no avail. A favourite 'Chinese joke,' which as a person of Chinese descent she can tell with political impunity, goes something like this: a couple brings their baby to their priest to be baptized. Mr. and Mrs. Wong are undeniably Chinese; however, the baby is black with the cutest afro curls. The priest wonders briefly about adoption, but decides to say nothing; then asks the father for the baby's name. The father, with an inscrutable glance at in his wife who is staring at the pattern on the carpet, responds, "Something Wong."

Groans are appropriate; however, the absolute inability of Primate Hiltz and the Anglican hierarchy to deal with the advanced terminal illness plaguing Canadian Anglicanism leads us to the inescapable conclusion that there is indeed something very wrong with their leadership of the Anglican Church of Canada [ACoC]. Recently, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the ACoC, has joined other leaders of the Canadian Council of Churches [CCC] in calling on the Canadian government to respond to crises in the Middle East. Hiltz' signature appears first, followed by the leaders of other churches, many of who have similar management problems to the ACoC. This is not a new activity for Hiltz, who finds it much easier dish out advice to others than to do his own job as Primate. I notice that his free advice often involves the government of Canada forking over tax dollars to the ACoC so that they can spend them doing Hiltz's 'good deeds'.

The sentiments expressed in the CCC document, taken at face value, appear to be relatively innocuous and the very few Canadians who read the document, will nod sleepily, while failing to indulge themselves in any in-depth analysis. Let us take a shot at that analysis and perhaps we can see whether the future of Anglicanism is any brighter now that Hiltz has had his say.

If Hiltz had studied the Middle East in depth he would know that there is no miraculous solution that will reverse the bloodshed and turmoil that has prevailed there for countless millennia.

If Hiltz had studied his own 'beloved church' in depth he would know that he is representing significantly less than 1% of the Canadian population, and only as a religious leader: this hardly gives him a mandate for meddling in the nation's foreign affairs.

The CCC letter is prolix, naive and pompous, and would appear to be attempting to teach Mr. Harper to suck eggs. In my opinion, it is Harper's support for Israel that is at issue here, and if indeed that is what is afoot, then Hiltz et al are playing a very dangerous game. Anglicanism [or indeed any other faith group] is not going to be saved by out-of-touch, bigoted churchmen lacking in worldly experience interfering in any sovereign nation's politics; regardless of how desperate the situation may appear on the ground.

Anti-Israeli, or anti-Semitic, dare I pose the question?

To me it seems that perhaps the greatest impediment to the survival of Anglicanism has been its inability to rid itself of some of the more damaging scriptural interpretations and dogmas of the past while at the same time insensitively ramming new ones down the throats of their aging and bewildered adherents.

Hiltz has supported full communion between the Lutheran Church and the ACoC, and it is a matter of record that Martin Luther himself was virulently anti-Semitic. In recent years the Lutheran Church has made statements decrying anti-Semitism but is anti-Israelism okay? When Hiltz became diocesan Bishop of Nova Scotia and PEI he preached around the diocese where he repeated, often and loudly, a sermon enforcing the words of the first letter of St. Peter [1 Peter 2 The Living Stone and a Chosen People]. We have to assume that Hiltz, a prince of the church, possesses an adequate knowledge of scripture and knew, that this is a deeply anti-Jewish passage. Peter addressed these words to redeemed believers, not to the Jewish community or to the Jewish nation, and calls them "God's chosen people." God has only one holy nation in His domain and it is not the nation of Israel.

As I said before, political interference is standard operating procedure for Hiltz: in his 2010 New Year's address Hiltz urged the government to restore funding to Kairos a Non Governmental Organization [NGO]. "We believe the cut of Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA] funding for Kairos denies hope for millions of people throughout the world and damages our reputation among the nations," the Primate pontificated; however the Jerusalem based think tank, NGO Monitor, offered an opposing viewpoint: "Kairos is a main supporter of the anti-Israel divestment movement in Canada, coordinating this agenda on behalf of member church groups." Citing a 2008 paper released by Kairos entitled "Economic Advocacy Measures: Options for KAIROS Members for the Promotion of Peace in Palestine and Israel" NGO Monitor reported the Kairos paper included a document from the Palestinian NGO Sabeel, which calls for divestment from companies that are complicit in Israel's "illegal and immoral behavior" and "apartheid practices." While Kairos seeks to promote social change, NGO Monitor stated it "promotes a political agenda" at odds with Canadian government policy on Gaza.

Hiltz and his CCC brethren end their latest epistle with a quotation from one of the trickiest Old Testament passages to interpret from any eschatological viewpoint: [Isaiah 65:17-25] According to dispensationalists, Isaiah is referring to the millennial age on earth during the 1000 year reign of Christ after his return to earth and according to postmillennarians, this passage refers to the latter day glory of the church on the earth. Both are probably in error, isn't it far better to see Isaiah 65:17-25 as describing the same time frame as Revelation 21, which is clearly describing the eternal state? Therefore it is difficult to see how Hiltz et al were inspired by the Middle Eastern prophet Isaiah to put pressure upon Stephen Harper to alter or redevelop foreign policy in 2013 unless the hidden agenda is anti-Semitism or anti-Israeli-ism.

Hiltz's conduct of the Aboriginal Residential Schools affair is another case of advice aimed at 'shifting the blame' and 'following the money'... Hiltz was adept at shifting demands for action away from the ACoC and onto the Canadian Government who by-and-large had accepted their role in this sorry affair. Between 1892 and 1996 the ACoC and other churches were complicit in crimes ranging from alleged genocide through psychological, sexual and physical abuse of Aboriginal children. The church's motives are unclear beyond the destruction of the First Nations people and a warped sense of evangelization; however, what is very clear indeed is that the ACoC's Residential Schools Initiative was perhaps the forerunner of their penchant to influence Canadian Government policy for their own profit!

More recently, when the Roman Catholic Church settled financially [not without some sleight of hand] at a lower liability figure than the ACoC, Hiltz screamed, 'Not fair!' and insisted on money back trough the niggardly Anglican Amending Agreement. Finally, the much vaunted Truth and Reconciliation Commission [run on the unsuccessful and prejudiced ANC/Anglican Church Archbishop Desmond Tutu Anglican model] provided and still provides Hiltz with fluffy material for the pulpit. Once again this is paid for out of the pockets of the Canadian taxpayer and the great majority of the Aboriginal victims remain silent and disappointed.

So, how do we judge or rate this latest effort of Primate Hiltz with regard to its impact on the future of the ACoC? Consider the following questions carefully and answer yes or no... Is Hiltz's [and indeed other so-called church leaders] opinion important?

Does it take into account the general opinion of Canadians? Has there been a consultative process with adherents?

Is Hiltz, and the content of the letter, anti-Semitic or anti-Israeli, or could he/it be interpreted as such?

Do Canadians, whether Anglicans or not, expect Hiltz to advise the Canadian government, or any other government, on policy matters?

Could interference from the CCC and Hiltz damage Canadian-Israeli relations by empowering factions that threaten the sovereign state of Israel?

How much time and money [charitable donations] was spent by the ACoC on this project?

Is the project designed to empower any particular group of church adherents and/or increase interest in Anglican Christianity or church attendance?

Given that the current problems in the Middle East involve internecine strife between Moslems [Sunni, Shia and offshoots like Druze] and between Moslems and Jews is advice from Christians sought after by the various factions, or even in the slightest bit welcome?

I could continue; however, there is no point in belaboring the point. It is obvious that this is an example of everything that the Anglican leadership is doing wrong; the net gain to Anglicanism in Canada and Christianity in general is zero, and indeed there may well be negative aspects of the CCC initiative that could possibly make a bad situation in the Middle East much worse. The best conclusion would be that Harper writes back and tells Hiltz and the CCC to pursue their own professions and not bother the government. I am sure that he has diplomats at the PMO who can say, "Mind your own business!" diplomatically of course.

+Malachy Egan

The author acknowledges and thanks numerous sources on the World Wide Web including the Anglican Journal
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Posted May 2013 - Hoist by the pettard of their own statistics the once mighty Anglican Church of Canada faces certain oblivion within the short space of twenty-two years. Without the megachurches will Christianity survive? Take a look at Abba Ministries of Canada a vibrant young church that is offering Jesus' program for a new millenium....


[Batman omnis Robin aliquo eget.]

[Batman omnis Robin aliquo eget.]
The Anglican Church of Canada [ACoC], the Church of England [CofE] and indeed many components of the Anglican Communion, rather like the monarchy itself, has survived less out of the enthusiasm of the public at large, or its affection, but out of a general sense that, given the alternatives, abolition would seem more trouble than it was worth.

Bizarrely, Statistics show that a majority of people are quite happy to profess themselves Christian and Anglican; yet already decimated attendance figures amongst Anglicans have plummeted by some 10 per cent over the last decade. Only 2 percent of the population, attend church on a weekly basis, and while Statistics Canada [that sinkhole for tax dollars and haven of governmental nepotism and cronyism] in its big-brother "National Household" survey has noted a decline in non-participatory affiliation, around half the population still profess themselves Anglicans. The majority of these folk have never seen the inside of an Anglican church.

So-called spiritual leaders like Justin Welby [Batman, or perhaps 'Oilman' would be better - the twin above left] and Fred Hiltz, the Primate of Canada [codename Cashman, a superhero who as his name suggests follows the money]; the houses of bishops; the synods, the parish priests all spend charitable dollars like drunken sailors, and waffle away in Anglo Babel [a version of tongues rumored to have been learned from the aforementioned drunken sailors] while keeping their heads buried in the Anglican play box with their rose-tinted glasses firmly in place, meanwhile the Anglican community tears itself apart over the issues of women bishops and gay marriage. Why it is doing so is one of those rare mysteries to which religious institutions seem particularly prone.

A recent working Paper entitled Anglican Church of Canada Statistics by Brian Clarke & Stuart Macdonald sheds some interesting light on the decline in Canadian Anglicanism. Their data confirms that which I have known intuitively [and the bishops have denied] for years: membership of the ACoC is locked into the graveyard spiral. From an all time high of 1,365,313 members in the early sixties membership of the ACoC has plummeted to 600,000 in 2001, and if that is not devastating enough for Fred Hiltz and his "beloved church" during the same period the overall Canadian population had been booming with the national population increasing at just over 60% from 1961 through to 2001, that is from 18,236,247 people in 1961 to 29,639,030 in 2001. Not surprisingly, Sunday school membership and the sacraments have followed the general trend into the little boy's room.

It seems certain that the Anglican membership figures are also inflated, perhaps enormously inflated.

The topic as a whole begs a couple of questions: Of prime interest, "When will the once mighty Anglican stratocruiser's deadly downward spiral end with obliteration as it impacts the hard deck of human indifference?" Various calculations exist: I am told that the current projections indicate zero membership in the ACoC by 2050; although an earlier demise around 2030 is more realistic.

Clark and MacDonald state that the decline has continued and that there have been no sign in the statistics up to 2001 of a reversal. Given their research on other denominational statistics, they would make the initial observation that the ACoC?s experience fits a pattern we have seen in several other denominations, namely the United Church of Canada, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and the Maritime Baptists. This convergence in trends would argue against explanations that would see the cause of numerical decline in the Anglican Church as a result of some decision(s) taken internally by the ACoC.

The aforementioned opinion is doubtless offered as a bit of a face-saver for Hiltz et al; however when it is restated as follows: 'This convergence in trends would argue for the explanation that would identify the cause of numerical decline in the Anglican Church membership as a result of the absolute lack of decision(s) or action(s) taken internally by the ACoC', it leads us into our second question.

"Why is Hiltz, the Anglican bishops and the clergy unable to reverse the trend?" If you are you one of those treasured attributes that the ACoC labels an 'Identified Giver', your ranks, and the pile of envelopes, have been shrinking too: from about 275,000 in 1967 to 210,000 in 2001; however, you might enquire as to where your money has gone. Notwithstanding this, it is you who for different reasons are the life-support of Anglicanism. So what is happening to your money? You should know that in 2001 total parish expenditure was some $240 million [with a $3 million deficit] and Diocesan spending stood at $44.8 million [with a $350,000 deficit] and that most of your money went on building maintenance as well as 84 bishops and some 6000 clergy and staff of which, just like the Church of England, there are actually more clerical collars today than in the hey-days of the sixties. Basically, the answer is that it is business as usual; the unchristian aspects of the Anglican program to one side; the senior clergy actually appear very happy with the status quo and judging by their public 'face' apparently care not a fig for the future. By scraping the barrel and selling off assets Anglicanism will support them and their lifestyles for another quarter century and then it will not matter. How selfish; what a tragedy and what a waste of charitable dollars!

The superhero that plays 'Robin' to the CoE's 'Oilman' [the twin on the right above] is archetypical of the final generation of Anglican pilots. Dean Peter Elliott is a senior Anglican who is currently front runner to replace retiring Archbishop Ingham in the diocese of New Westminster. Elliott is a homosexual and has been the power behind more than one bishop's throne with regard to the gay blessings issue that has thrown the ACoC into an ongoing national schism that will probably remain unresolved until the last Anglican turns off the lights. Judging by the sort of Christianity that was dealt out to my family back in 2001 by Elliott, there is zero chance of any last minute reprieve for Anglicanism in Canada with him at the helm. [Yes, watch out Freddy boy: there may be a hidden agenda at that cozy supper table.] The ambitious Dean and wannabee Bishop will not rest until he has your miter and your favorite daffodil chasuble; then the swan song of Anglicanism is going to see a gay old time...

I have to say that Elliott was important for me though, back in 2001 in Vancouver when he spitefully cancelled our eldest son's baptism because we were returning to Nova Scotia, he gave me an important wake-up call. Despite much nagging, nudging and prompting by the Holy Spirit as I sat and watched the pathetic charades at Christ Church cathedral, Vancouver, BC, I had been resistant to breaking ranks with the ACoC; finally I did, and returned briefly to the Catholic Church of my youth, but only to find another megachurch tearing itself asunder.

My spiritual home is now Abba Ministries of Canada and I am happy to say that while we are still a small Christian denomination we are growing apace. The statistical picture with Abba Ministries of Canada is diametrically opposed to the ACoC. Our retention rates are excellent [94%] as is our growth [>20%] and our yearly tenure is at 20 years plus. We do not have 'Identified Givers' because we are a volunteer organization whose priests, pastors and chaplains coast to coast are self-supporting in ministry, and at the same time support the national Church through tithe and clergy fees. We do not solicit donations either; however, we will gratefully accept help from a cheerful giver. Today, in May of 2013 we have some sixty ministries following Jesus program under the spiritual guidance of Bishop Josephine Egan our National Pastor. Keep an eye out for us Oilman, Cashman and Robin because it will not be long before we climb past your stalling Anglican airbus as we reestablish Jesus and his program as Canada's national Christian Church. As you can see from the statistics, this is only a matter of time!


Please write to: NATIONAL PASTOR
National Pastor
Rev. Josephine Egan
Abba Ministries of Canada
2 Auburn Avenue
Halifax,Nova Scotia
Canada B3R 1K4

tel: 902 477 1375

In Christ,


In writing this article, the author acknowledges quoted sources and others on the World Wide Web.

Author: Rev. Malachy Egan
Article Date: May 2013

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