Ordination in Canada for men and women who are called by the Holy Spirit to ministry



Rev. John G. Anderson
Chatham Christian Ministry
Chatham, Ontario

Rev. John Anderson has a loving heart with a capacity for compassion, practical caring and a sense of fairness and justice. He strives to manifest a sense of humour and joy to all; and like the Apostle Paul, who was very sensitive to the needs of hurting individuals, he believes that those who are strong must bear the weaknesses and help carry the burdens of those who are weaker. Rev. John Anderson is currently the Chaplain of Royal Canadian Legion Chatham Branch 642, 39 William St N, Chatham, Ontario.

Rev. John G. Anderson

John uses his special gift of proclaiming the good news of the Gospel at every opportunity: from the pulpit, in the streets, in homes, and to everyone he meets. He knows the importance of tending to the needs of the sick: he spends time offering up prayers to our Lord and Saviour on their behalf, and you will find him in hospitals, palliative care and nursing homes helping the sick in with their every spiritual need. John takes the time also to prepare those who are actively dying look forward to meeting their creator. Rev. John Anderson advocates for and empowers for the "less fortunate" in his community and ministers to those facing personal, family, financial and spiritual issues. In addition, he volunteers for Bibles for Mission [a used furniture and clothing etc. store where proceeds are used to purchase Bibles], within the fields of drug awareness, and on a daily basis for his local food bank "Outreach for Hunger".

To sum up, John's passion in life is to serve God's people. His reward comes by reaching out and helping others; leading them to God and His wonderful works. Ultimately, Rev. John Anderson feels called personally by Jesus to reach out and do more than he can even ask for or imagine. Rev. John Anderson's Ministry Profile


Chaplain Moira Bell

Chaplain Moira Bell
Youth Minister, Bereavement Support and Counselling

Chaplain Moira Bell and her husband Fergus run a weekend retreat for youth aged 16-25. The youth retreat called "Christ in Others Retreat" focuses on faith, family, friends; and is an amazing opportunity to bring youth to Christ. Many young people have connected or reconnected with our God through this amazing ministry. This retreat is held twice a year and both husband and wife have volunteered with this outreach program for 10 years.

Moira has a special call to bereavement ministry. Many times she has been involved in palliative care, and has been privileged to journey with someone as they return home to our Lord. There is always an opportunity to share our Lord with people: from sharing their tears to praying with people. Her grief counselling work takes place in the context of journeying with people and spending time helping them to grieve their loss. In this humbling way, she has been blessed to support people who have experienced loss in their lives. Both Moira and Fergus Bell are open to opportunities to support people as they tried to find their way through the "God questions" a loss always brings. Moira observes that "God blesses us even in these tough times when we open ourselves up to His amazing strengthening, consoling eternal presence."

Chaplain Moira Bell attends many funerals, visitations, and hospital visits. Loss brings people to a door and she is grateful that God has used her to help people turn to Him in their grief. Both husband and wife feel strongly about the importance of sharing God and faith with others, of volunteering to support others in their life journeys, and sharing God's message of hope. Moira Bell's Ministry Profile


Reverend Pamela Covert-Slater
Abba Bradford Christian Ministry
Bradford, Ontario

Rev Pamela's mission is to help bring Peace and Love to mankind through understanding of the true message of Jesus. To love, care and honour one another as children of God. Her first journey was at the age of 15. Pamela participated in an Ontario ~ Quebec student exchange program sponsored by the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews. She has travelled through many countries on Peace Pilgrimages, including the United States, Israel, Palestine, Portugal, France, Spain and Italy. During the past few years Pamela and her husband have volunteered for several trips to Cuba with medical supplies and aid for clinics and hospitals at their own expense.

Rev. Pamela Covert Slater

As an accredited pastoral psychotherapist Rev Pamela helps individuals, couples and families develop the skills to demonstrate the love that they have for one another. As a therapist for an anger management clinic in Mississauga, Rev. Pamela counsels individuals who have been referred to her from the courts for community and domestic violence. Pamela Covert-Slater's Ministry Profile


Rev. Betty-Ann Cox

Rev. Betty-Ann Cox
Abba London Christian Ministries
London, Ontario

Rev. Betty-Ann Cox has spent her life answering God's call to serve while serving others. Whether it has been within a parish, in the community, or in her family Betty-Ann has answered that call in many different ways. She has been called to leadership in community prayer and facilitating at retreats. In particular, she has a special gift for empowering others to discern where God is calling them. Her enthusiasm and immense joy in following God attracts others who are searching for peace and purpose in their lives. Her sense of gratitude for what God has blessed her with manifests itself in not only her encounters with others but also in her artwork.

Through her many years of parish pastoral work, she has fine-tuned her gift for compassion and caring. She is especially sensitive to the needs of the elderly and the lonely. Her outreach is also to the sick and dying. Her support for them through listening and sharing is of great comfort to them in the last chapter of their life on earth. She is their prayer-pal and assists them to a peaceful place where they can rest in the Lord... "He maketh me to lay down in green pastures" (Psalm 23). She leads prayer vigils as well as funeral liturgies that are meaningful and comforting to family and friends. Betty also supports those who are left behind and grieving losses... be it through death, divorce, separation or loss of quality of life through illness or an accident.

Betty also has a great love for children and enjoys teaching them about God and recognizing His presence in their lives. Her ministry to young people is not just in difficult times as in her time with young offenders but also in times where they are searching for direction and guidance. God's work through her is powerful. She also has a special spot in her heart for young mothers and enjoys assisting them to find balance through spiritual reflection. Betty also enjoys ministry with young engaged couples and journeying with them as they begin a life together. She has trained leaders and facilitated marriage preparation courses. She is creative and has a wonderful sense of humour and it is clear that this ministry is as life-giving for her as it is for the young couples. She is excellent at encouraging them to use their gifts and talents for God's work.

Betty is also a God-send to the unemployed and has been instrumental in giving them hope and encouragement in this difficult and often humiliating time. Betty has a true gift in leading worship in an ecumenical environment and has mastered bringing many faiths together celebrating their individual differences. Like one would tend a garden of many different flowers. Betty is passionate about all aspects of God's ministry and grateful to have been called to serve. People know that when they call on Betty in their time of need, she in turn calls on God on their behalf.
Ministry Profile for Rev. Betty-Ann Cox


Pastor Blair Crawford
Blair Crawford Ministries
Hachet Lake and Halifax, Nova Scotia

In a self-centred world, Pastor Blair Crawford and his wife Brenda are called to help this generation of believers to learn how to give and receive BY PUTTING GOD FIRST: taking the scripture from Proverbs 13:22 to heart: "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children" and making that verse a reality in their lives. 3 John 2 says: "Beloved, I wish [God's desire] above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers." Pastor Blair has the gift of a shepherd's heart and a God-given love for people that enables him to nurture and care for the flock. Blair believes people need to hear God's love for them in a real way and that God wants happy and prosperous family lives.

Pastor Blair Crawford

Blair Crawford Ministries


Reverend Linda Dow

Reverend Linda Dow
Abba Grand Bend Christian Ministries,
Grand Bend, Ontario

Mark 10:45 tells us that Jesus did not come to be served but to serve. It is Reverend Linda Dow's desire to follow the example that Jesus set before her and to serve however and where ever she is needed to help spread the good news that God loves each and every one of us. It is because of this immeasurable love that God gave His only son to make a way for us to have a personal relationship with him.

Reverend Linda has worked in children's ministries over twenty-five years working with children of all ages through the Sunday School program as superintendent and teacher as well as mid-week children's programs and youth groups. God has given Linda a heart for the needs of the children and young people and she finds it a true blessing to be able to serve them by example and through leadership. By teaching the children they are then able to spread the word of God in their home by sharing their papers and drawings with family.
For twenty years Linda and her husband Ronald have opened their home to special needs children or high needs children as they are sometimes referred to. When children arrive at Linda and Ron's home they are very fragile and emotionally broken and many have not heard about God or that God loves them and will never abandon them. It does not take them long to know and accept that God does indeed love them and will continue to love them and carry them through all things. Linda and Ronald teach by example, everything they say and do. By the time the children have grown up and ready for independence they know they can rely on their relationship with Jesus to give them strength and they also know they can rely on the relationship that Linda and Ron have built for emotional support as well.

Reverend Linda Dow cannot help but be awestruck at the wonders of God and the unending love He has for his creation, especially mankind. John 13 shows Jesus rising from the dinner table and wrapping the towel around his waist then proceding to wash his disciples feet as a servant would. Linda wears that symbolic towel around my waist kneeling in servanthood ready to serve following the example set by Jesus. Linda Dow and Abba Grand Bend Christian Ministries


Chaplain Maureen Dwyer
Pond Side Ministries
Specializing in Bereavement/Pastoral/Palliative Care
London, Ontario

Journeying through life's transitions can be difficult to navigate alone. Maureen has been called to minister to people in the midst of these changes. She has spent thirteen years assisting High School students find out who they are as people in God's eyes, and has spent the past seven years following God's call to minister with seniors in Long Term Care Facilities.

Chaplain Maureen Dwyer

Maureen strongly believes that walking someone through the challenges of the later years of life is a privilege. She ministers in a special way with those whose family member is living with Alzheimer Disease and those who are marginalized by society. Maureen finds it rewarding assisting seniors in finding meaning and purpose in their days, and then when the time comes to walk them 'home' to be with God. She looks forward to conducting services of baptism, marriage and funerals in a way that uniquely reflects you and your needs.

Rev. Josephine Egan and Rev. Malachy Egan
Church of Saint Mary Magdalene
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Website: www.saintmarymagdalene.ca

Rev. Josephine Egan
Rev. Malachy Egan

A husband and wife pastoral team who tries to exemplify the compassion of Jesus to the people they serve whether in the hospital acute care setting, geriatric long-term care centres, or the safe places reserved for survivors of abuse. Their passion to witness Christ's love drives them to work that engages families in art and music initiatives, extends spiritual support and friendship to foster parents and parents with young children, helps people in distress, and ministers to the needs of couples as they prepare to declare life-long marriage vows. They encounter on a daily basis many young couples seeking marriage in their 20s and 30s who openly declare themselves disillusioned with mainline Christian churches so much so that they reject the authority of these churches [sometimes it is the church authorities that reject them], yet these young people seek God to sanctify their marriage. With dialogue, the task at hand then is to invite these young people to re-examine the teachings of Jesus and 'give God a chance'. The pastors also challenge people via cyber ministry and provocative discussion groups to oppose corruption, dual standards and social constructs that marginalize, disenfranchise and discriminate. Their first website continues to attract over 450 unique visitors per month. Both are volunteer community clergy in Capital Health District and conduct pastoral care visitation as well as ecumenical worship services at two long term care centres. Church of Saint Mary Magdalene


Rev. Brent Elgie
Full Throttle Ministries of Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Brent's call is to those who know the freedom that comes with riding the highways on motorcycles. Brent believes that the motorcycling community is a mission field that the "traditional church" has neglected and in some cases turned their backs on. It doesn't matter if it is at a Tim Horton's, at a bike show or other motorcycle event, Brent is aware that God opens many doors and when He does, there is always an opportunity to witness. Brent has been involved in serving God for many years in which he was involved in Christian Education, men's ministry with Promise Keepers Canada and now wears the patch of Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry. The back patch will often catch someone's eye and usually leads to someone making a comment on the patch and once they do, it opens the door to witness. If you don't think you can have a great time being a Christian, then we need to talk! Brent says that "My walk with Christ has been a long one with one adventure after another! God has been so good to me and saved me from having to spend eternity in hell, what more could I do but serve Him with everything I have." There is only one way to serve such a loving God... Full Throttle!

Pastor Brent Elgie

Full Throttle Ministries of Chatham-Kent


Rev. Rudy Heezen

Rev. Rudy Heezen M.T.S
Toronto, Oshawa, Whitby and
The Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
Website: www.rudyheezen.com

Rev. Rudy Heezen (M.T.S) holds a Masters Degree in Theology from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. He earned his business credentials from the VAM business institute in The Netherlands and has extensive experience as a senior executive. Rev. Rudy Heezen is a Professional Member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and is also an accomplished author having published "New Beginnings Carpe Diem" sharing, in brutal honesty, about his own struggles and how he was able to conquer them.

In the mid-eighties, Rudy chose to take a two-year sabbatical leave wanting to give back to the community working full time as a counsellor, pastor and serving the less fortunate. In serving people on a daily basis, Rev. Rudy Heezen's aim is to treat each person with respect, build lifelong partnerships and lasting friendships. He sincerely believes that following The Golden Rule "in everything do unto others as you would have others do unto you" is a way of life that will translate into true success, especially in lives touched as we minister to others. On his "success" in life, Rudy shares: "my family keeps me balanced and grounded". Rudy is extremely grateful, thanking God every day for each one of them. Married to Anneke, his sweetheart of over 40 years, they respectively are the proud parents of grown children and even prouder grandparents. Rudy serves people through officiating weddings, baptisms, celebration of life services or motivational/inspirational seminars and speeches. Rudy Heezen M.T.S.


Rev. Debra Horne Rev. Debra Horne
Abba Northern Outreach Christian Ministries
145 Queen Street, P.O. Box 195
Mattice, Ontario P0L 1T0

Rev. Debra made a solid commitment to God to follow him; her other commitments are to help anyone, anywhere she can and to spread God's Word wherever possible. Debra has been immersed in God's work for most of her life in Christian ministry and has been involved in other areas where there is a need within the community. Where people's souls are at stake, the key message to the Christians everywhere is that "we all serve God". If we are to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbour as ourselves, the only way forward is to respect each other's viewpoints and work together for God.

Rev. Debra Horne serves the Lord and people as an Ordained Minister in Northern Ontario where the population is small and widespread, and many children are suffering from poverty. Debra's goal is to reach out to people in need in her community and help as many as possible. She will preach where needed, preside over funerals and marriages, provide for the spiritual needs of the community, and participate in community and town events.

Debra's focus is on families and couples who are contemplating marriage. She is passionate about teaching women that they have the most important role of keeping their family grounded and focused on God. Women set the tone in their home: a home that is calm, peaceful and Spirit-filled allows the Holy Spirit to fully play its role in guiding the family. In addition, Debra's ministry involves visiting nursing homes, hospitals and shut-ins, conducting worship services that engage residents who are struggling with dementia, and meeting the spiritual needs of the residents and staff. Up north the winters very lonely and people do not out much so Debra keeps God in front of everything and helps everyone in the area stay connected with prayer requests through email and Facebook.

Debra's involvement within the community has included helping in the areas of literacy, working with people struggling with mental illnesses, providing free income tax return services to seniors and the poor, and giving those who were recently released from prison a sense of self-worth. Debra is trained to work with the physically and mentally disabled and with seniors. Debra and her husband Gary are involved in the community as youth leaders, they are committed visiting the elderly, and both are active in church ministries, preaching, and in leadership roles.

It was the witness of Christians that introduced Debra to God and this changed her life. Debra's approach reflects that of Abba Ministries of Canada: one keeps working for God because one is not measured by wage, but by God's work. Ministry Profile of Rev. Debra Horne


Rev. Connie Howes
Church of the Northern Light
Kingston, Ontario

Rev. Connie Howes

Rev. Connie Howes' ministry gets the job done: bringing people to Christ and giving them hope. Connie serves all across the spectrum of our society and her outreach ministries includes many without a regular faith community: young expectant couples, the imprisioned and their families, the disenfranchised and marginal of our society, etc. Connie knows she can make a difference in people's lives: she reaches out to those who are struggling, those who are in trouble, those who are ill, and those who are less fortunate; offering counsel and practical help. She moves amongst the people to help them, just as Christ himself did, and lets them know they are not alone - that God is with them. Connie is highly resourceful, practical, down-to-earth and empathic. We proud to have Connie on board: she loves God and her ministry possesses the love that Jesus means we should have by being 'a neighbour'. Church of Northern Light


Reverend Stephen Jones Pastor Stephen Jones
Eagle's Cross Recovery Ministry
Guelph, Ontario

Pastor Stephen Jones is called to evangelize and to minister person to person. Stephen has an outreach approach; his focus is on working with primarily mental health and addictions, concurrent disorders which happens to include many homeless, people leaving the prison system and others. These are the hurting and marginalized persons whom the Lord treasures that Stephen encounters daily. Stephen believes that God puts us where we need to be. In fact, God has equipped Stephen with the tools and purpose to go to the edges of society in search of people who need Christ. Most of the people who seek Stephen out are looking particularly to fill a spiritual void but more than that, they want to be connected to God. Many identify with Stephen as someone who can help them find the way to God, someone that can trust.

The majority of Stephen's efforts involve pastoral counselling at the request of both individuals and agencies. A number of people have come to Christ as a result of successfully getting prayer and devotional groups going within programs. God supplied the motivation and people while Stephen helped supply the resources as well as personal and scriptural support. Together they read scripture, pray together, learn together, and plan futures and how to include God in that future. Steven supports the people he serves as a Priest and Ordained Minister, and he will step into the most difficult of places. Stephen has performed many funeral and memorial services by request for people without families. Stephen holds a Diploma in Social Services, an Undergraduate Degree in Social Development Studies and certification in General Social Work. Stephen has formally studied Spirituality and Addiction at a Masters level and other religious studies. Stephen is involved in Motorcycle Ministry and keeps a high profile in his community and neighbourhood. As a Pastor, Stephen has the love and support of his wife Laurie, and together they have built a unique van to go around doing ministry. This couple believes that when people come to Christ, the work is worth doing!
Eagle's Cross Recovery Ministry


Reverend Patricia Kennedy, J.M. CRGM, KRM, HTJSP, ESMT
Greely, Ontario

Rev. Patricia Kennedy calling is to work with others in need. She is very emphatic, and can feel deeply what others may be feeling, and has amazing God-given gifts. Patricia shares that, "To practice spirituality we must reach into our soul and understand the teachings of Christ, how he suffered for all of mankind, to learn from the lessons and to live by them. We are dearly loved and cherished by our Lord. The Lord dwells within us." Patricia shares her lessons in unconditional love and forgiveness.
Angels of Light Ministries

Rev. Patricia Kennedy


Rev. Donna M. Knight
Pastor Wayne R. Knight

Reverend Donna M. Knight and Pastor Wayne R. Knight
Water of Life Ministries, Oshawa, Ontario

Donna and her husband Wayne have been in ministry for several years doing a number of things for the Lord with a heart for the lost and the down and out. Reverend Donna is a Chaplain/Pastorial Care Coordinator in an Oshawa LTC Home. She has had many rewarding experiences with residents and staff, being able to share Christ and instill Christ emphasized programs and encourage moral thinking. She heads up a Palliative Care Program, and has had the opportunity to pray, sing and read scripture with those preparing to meet the Lord. Salvation of these souls is her primary ministry goal. A soft touch, a gentle hand and the voice that says "I care", has helped her open many doors that were tightly closed. Donna participates in helping those who are in need of food and clothes through her church's Food and Clothing Bank program. She has seen many ladies come and fill bags of food and much needed clothing for their children and leave with a glimmer of hope in their eyes having not only heard the word of God but seeing His love put to action. She has the opportunity to pray and share Christ not only in word but in deed as well. With many single moms, society can be harsh but Wayne & Donna both have been given the opportunity to reach out to them and their children. Donna's belief is, with such a great salvation how then can she not take every opportunity to share with others, her wonderful Heavenly Father.

Pastor Wayne's inspiration is Isaiah 6 where it says, "SEND ME LORD SEND ME." Wayne's reply is: "I will go and I will go: depending on you for leadership and the words and the scriptures from which to preach. And of course the Holy Spirit who is with me every step, every heartbeat of the way." Wayne always liked to witness and tell people about Jesus. Wayne could witness to anyone; Wayne had been there, he had so many experiences in life. Wayne was able to give his testimony and see people saved and changed forever. Wayne received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and literally was changed forever again. It was so true, Wayne ministered in power and authority just like it is said in the Bible. Wayne did not brag about this baptism, he just used it the way it is supposed to be used, to win people to Jesus Christ, to lay hands on the sick and see them healed through the mighty name of Jesus. There is nothing in this world that Christ cannot be the victor over. Wayne's answer to every problem every concern was Jesus. At work, people sought out Wayne with their problems. Some lives were changed forever. Some just could not pay the price of serving Jesus and when they walk away weeping, Wayne would weep for them for not making the decision for Christ. Upon retirement, God made Wayne's boundaries a whole lot larger. Wayne and Donna leapt at the opportunity to preach the gospel in the far North. They gave people nothing more than the gospel and nothing less. There is power and authority in the Word of God. Then God opened more doors to go to Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec. Wayne and some great men of God preached and sang, and saw people saved, delivered and healed. People could not get enough of the Christ ther were preaching about. Wayne observes enthusiatically, "People love to have church, they search for the true God for 2000 years and when they find him, they will not let go."
Water of Life Ministries


Reverend Robert Mayer
Stepping Stones Ministry
Georgetown, Ontario
Website: www.steppingstonesministry.ca

Reverend Robert Mayer serves through Stepping Stones Ministry and provide clergy services to anyone regardless of church affiliation or identification. "Our ministry title 'stepping stones' reflects our philosophy that all of life, from our first steps to our last, is along a path or a journey envisioned as a path of stepping stones. Many of which have been set before us at the moment of birth.

Reverend Robert Mayer

People cross our paths, we come to low points and high points, we come upon directional changes in which we need to choose a way, and much of our contentment in life depends not much on whether or not we are walking along high ground or low ground, but on what our attitude is about it."

Rev. Robert Mayer also serves as a funeral chaplain specifically dedicated to families that have drifted away from traditional church observances. In addition to his joyful personal experience and powerful encounters with Lord, Robert has a deep understanding of the sacraments and how people crave the experience of being in the actual presence of God. In Robert's experience, Jesus has always loved him and walked with him step-by-step all the time.

Unfortunately many have not discovered the most beautiful 'way to live' that looks beyond self. Modern western society is in a state of serious spiritual poverty where compassion and empathy for others are clearly absent. Rev. Robert Mayer wants to do his part in turning the trend around one person at a time in God's will and God's time, and by serving the vast majority of non-churched people who are in need of clergy services and others whose spiritual needs are poorly attended to. God uses His people, in this vast world that is full of need, to minister to others and to help them along the journey of life.


Rev. Maria Manna

Reverend Maria Manna
Manna Ministries
Victoria, British Columbia

Reverend Maria Manna has dedicated most of her life volunteering for charities in Canada. She is the recipient of the Governor General Caring Canadian Award and the Governor General Sovern Medal for Volunteer work in Canada.

She is a vocalist/producer/humanitarian, philanthropist and writer. She has helped raise over $750 million for charities and non-profits with her performances and fundraising. Maria has travelled to Bosnia in 2000 on a good will tour with 7 mayors of Edmonton and created the Bosnian Children's Relief foundation.

In 2013, Maria went to Conakry Guinea with Mercy Ships to better understand the needs of the people in order to create awareness for the charity.

Manna Ministries focuses on delivering last rites, visits to palliative care, senior's homes, hospitals, presiding over funerals, weddings, baptisms and speaking to the soul with her sermons. Manna Ministries is inter-denomination and all accepting. Maria is passionate about the Lord. She says that the best a person can be is to be an example of Christ's love. "Be caring, compassionate and non-judgemental".

"'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" Luke 10:27. Ministry Profile of Rev. Maria Manna


Rev. Gary O'Dwyer

Reverend Gary O'Dwyer
Pastor, Christ The Servant Catholic Church
Cold Springs, Ontario
Church Website: www.christtheservant.ca

Rev. Gary O'Dwyer cherishes the opportunity to live the Beatitudes as a gift from Jesus. He treasures daily the very humbling experience of being a conduit for Jesus. Gary is the pastor at Christ The Servant Catholic Church [CTS] in Cold Springs, Ontario. The saints at CTS very much believe in the power of prayer, no matter the situation. Their community is not afraid to share its burdens, hopes and aspirations; with a very active prayer group and a music ministry that has been a major force in this Christian communty's spiritual and social development. When the Sunday service at CTS has finished, virtually everyone stays for fellowship and food. Laughter is a major part of our spiritual focus. This is simply some of what and who we are.

Rev. Gary had received many accolades, awards and honors throughout his teaching career, but the opportunity to serve the CTS Community means much more to him than any such material recognition. We have very inclusive statements of faith, we are constantly striving to be Social Justice Advocates, we act out our love, seeing the face of Jesus in everyone. The Beatitudes are a guide for us in our daily life and interactions with those we encounter. Gary's involvement at CTS grew to delivering homilies to visiting the sick and dying as well as funerals. As I continued to take on the role of an ordained minister at CTS, I was getting more and more encouragement from the community at the Church to seek ordination. When I found Abba Ministries, I knew that I had found a home. Our CTS community has evolved greatly since the Fr. Ed era. On a personal level, I have finally found a spiritual home. Each Sunday is an inspiration and motivates me further. This has been the case since 2006. Ministry Profile of Rev. Gary O'Dwyer


Reverend Judy Paling
Eagle Rock Country Church
Desden, Ontario
Email: jpeagleswings36@gmail.com

Rev. Judy Paling resides near Dresden, Ontario, and ministers 'Transformation Prayer Ministry' to people of all ages. Her ministry has taken her abroad to New Zealand, Australia and Argentina where she has trained teams of men and women in Transformation Prayer Ministry. She is one of 14 women leaders facilitating an annual 3 Day in depth healing retreat team called, 'Transformed in Christ'. Judy is called upon to speak and lead Worship for Women's Conference's throughout Ontario.

Rev. Judy Paling

Judy provides Pastoral Care & Ministry to the staff and individuals of Christian Horizons in Southwestern Ontario as needed. She leads Worship for local churches and has professionally recorded Christian music and has appeared on television and radio. Prior to her call to ministry she was Director, Vocational Rehabilitation for developmentally challenged adults and also taught in the Community College. She has mentored many for leadership in secular and Christian circles. Judy's first wedding to officiate upon ordination was her daughter's. She is thrilled and blessed with this opportunity.

Judy can be reached at 519.350.0033 or jpeagleswings36@gmail.com. Ministry Profile of Rev. Judy Paling


Pastor Scott Raible

Pastor Scott Raible
Consuming Fires Ministries of Medicine Hat
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Email: Pastor Scott Raible

Originally from British Columbia, Scott was called to Christ through a vision and through the faithful witness of Christian disciples at the age of 19 and was discipled and instructed on how to be Christ's instrument, for God's glory, proclaiming to all the Love of the Father, the Truth of the Word, and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Scott is married to the love of his life, has nine wonderful children, and has lived in Medicine Hat for the past nineteen years where he has served as a youth pastor, young adult pastor, outreach pastor, and associate pastor.

In 2010 Scott also served as the interim Youth Ministry Coordinator for all three of the Medicine Hat Catholic parishes, and for the Medicine Hat Catholic School Division. In 2002 he founded the radio station CJLT 99.5 FM (currently Praise 93.7 FM) and was awarded "Best New Business of the Year" by the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce and Entre Corp in 2004. Though Scott sold the radio station in 2007, Scott has stayed on the air as the current afternoon announcer for 93.7 Praise FM.

In addition Scott has been very active in local community organizations such as the Medicine Hat Youth Action Society, Saamis Immigration, Restorative Youth Justice Commission and helped found the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee with Mayor Garth Vallely in 2005. Scott has also recently served on the Medicine Hat Area Refugee Team, which represents several churches that are working together and mobilizing volunteers to help relieve the humanitarian crisis in Syria by offering care and support to those relocating to their community.

Over the years it has become apparent to Scott that our modern understanding of what the "Church" is and what it is called to be, is very different than how it is described in the New Testament. With his ministry and strong community background, he is working with both small and large groups of people within Medicine Hat; youth, young adults, families, essentially any and all, regardless of who they are or where they are in their faith or life journey, many who do not attend traditional churches, but are hungering for Christ and for a sense of Christian community. With his work through the radio station (93.7 FM), and his involvement in the community, there are many outreach opportunities to bring the Gospel message of Jesus to all, without any sectarian boundaries.
Ministry Profile of Pastor Scott Raible


Rev. Derek Rymarchuk
Abba Niagara Christian Ministry
6053 Franklin Ave
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Tel: 905. 371. 2406

Rev. Derek Rymarchuk and his wife Shelly have a strong commitment to serve the Lord: they have a strong desire to see people introduced to Jesus and His love. Derek studied theology for three years at Northeast Christian College in Fredericton, New Brunswick, later received a Bachelor of Theology degree in 1992 from International Seminary, and became an ordained minister in 1995.

Rev. Derek Rymarchuk

Derek has a genuine love for people: he is personable, caring and sensitive, in both the spiritual and interpersonal sense of the word. Rev. Derek Rymarchuk served for over ten years as the minister of Calvary Chapel, Niagara Falls. He is an enthusiastic, interactive preacher who likes to involve the congregation in his sermons; and his teaching is based on the Word of God with a focus on His desire for our lives. Rev. Derek reaches out to people by conducting weddings, baby dedications and funerals; he is involved in Christian youth ministry; he blends innovative and entrepreneurship with a solid grounding Christian scriptures and ethics; and he is lauded as being an excellent representative of his community. When called upon, Rev. Derek always goes to the aid of Project S.H.A.R.E., a multi service, non-profit agency that helps people that are living below the poverty line with basic needs, whether through fundraising, sponsoring programs or participating in food drives.


Rev. Ken B. Wilson, MA, MDiv

Reverend Ken B. Wilson, MA (Theology)
Sovereign Lord Christian Ministries
Ottawa, Ontario

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Sovereign Lord Christian Ministries (http://www.SovereignLordMinistries.ca/). Preaching and teaching the absolute sovereignty of God and absolute dependence on Jesus Christ, all solely to the glory of God. The ministry Mission is based on a theology of ministry that puts worship first and therein applies the two New Covenant laws of Christ (Matthew 22:37-40). The resulting ministry Vision includes both non-denominational, independent, bible based Bible and theology seminars, and Pastoral Ministries supporting believers, especially in change, transition or crisis.


Reverend Valetta Wile
Cambridge, Nova Scotia

Rev. Valetta Wile wholeheartedly appreciates what Jesus did for us on the cross. Valetta lives to "Be Christ like in everything you do". Her desire is to bring Christ into people's hearts. Rev. Valetta is thrilled to give her life to Christ as a servant of God, and balances service for God and people with serving her own family. God has blessed Valetta with a husband and two children. Valetta believes that one of the greatest gifts that God has given her is her ability to listen and to be a shoulder to cry on. The Lord is her strength and her help.

Reverend Valetta Wile

Valetta relates to different generations of people from the very young to the elderly, but she truly enjoys teaching children simple things about Jesus and the principles of being Christian because their faith is so pure and simple. Children believe: Jesus loves us! This is what we should ALL believe: Jesus loves us! This is the simple truth! The Bible says, "teach them the way and they will not turn from it when they are old." Valetta wants to play a part in making people realize who Jesus is and what he did for us. Valetta is the friend who listens; the big sister who cares deeply; and the selfless servant of God. Valetta thrives on simply relying on God's grace and trying to be Christ like in everything she does.


Pastor Arthur McCord

Pastor Arthur McCord Ed.S., A.C.C.P.
Abba West Nipissing Christian Ministry
Sturgeon Falls, Ontario

In the past 30 years, Pastor Arthur McCord's ministry has primarily been with the addicted individual. His ministry as an ordained pastor offers opportunities to carry the message of hope and reconciliation, thus moving beyond a simple call to spirituality and the need to be part of a Christian lifestyle while engaging others in a kind and loving manner.

Arthur believes that everyone has a message; his journey is to not only hear but to listen. Pastor Arthur McCord has been working with the public in counselling, human resource development, motivational speaking and as Addictions educator with specialized training. In addition, he is a volunteer driver with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Children's Aid Society. If you are so inclined, Arthur will share with you how God took the opportunity to provide hope when there was none and how a lost soul started on a journey beyond the most vivid imagination. A journey complete with an amazing spiritual rebirth and growth, miracles, thirty years filled with amazing events and a lifetime worth of opportunities to touch others.

Arthur has shared with large groups of people, in both Canada and the United States, at conventions and other events. He has been recognized by all levels of government; but most significantly, Arthur has touched thousands of lives and he is most honoured to see personal effort by these persons bring about life-changing and God-centred rebirth to productive and valued lives. In December, you can certainly spot him taking the opportunity to carry a Message.