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Open Letter from Bishop Emeritus Malachy Egan

Lenten Newsletter 2017

I am greatly saddened by recent events within the Diocese of Tuam in western Eire. I grew up there with grandparents nearly three quarters of a century ago, and certainly during this reign of abuse and terror by an order of Catholic nuns more sinister and psychotic than even the likes of Bloody Brigette of Ravensbruck, Majdanek and Auschwitz death camp fame.

Not long ago, I wrote about another atrocity carried out by these "Sisters of the Safe Harbour" when the remains of some 800 babies and children were discovered disposed like garbage and excrement at one of their other west of Ireland death camps; now this latest barbarity. [Read my article here]

In this latest incident "Significant quantities" of children's remains have been found in what was probably a septic tank at a former Catholic orphanage in Ireland, government investigators reported Friday.

The Irish government created a commission to investigate sites around the former Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, County Galway, after a local historian found death certificates for 796 children but a burial record for only one child.

Suspicions of unrecorded and unmarked burials at the site in the west of the country have lingered for decades. The institution run by nuns was one of many "mother and baby" homes across the country where unmarried pregnant women were sent to give birth in an attempt to preserve the country's devout Catholic image. Babies were either sold in extensive adoption rackets, or disposed of by more sinister means.

No wonder that the Catholic Church in Eire has fallen from a position of power and splendour to its lowest point; now held in contempt by a once compliant and subservient laity.

Or as the nuns boast on their website: Good Help to those in Need since 1824

In Christ,

Bishop Emeritus
Abba Ministries of Canada

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